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Galaxy Star Projector

Galaxy Star Projector

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Starry sky night light projector - fills your room with stars and moonlight, so that you feel as if you were laying under the stars

4-Led Lamps: This star projector lamp is a great night light for your kids scared of the dark at bedtime, there are 4 pcs led beads of blue light, warm light, green light, red light, the light is cozy, not dazzling

360 Projection: Romantic cosmos star night light adopts 4 led starry bulbs with the realization of 360-degree panoramic projection so that you and your children feel like being placed in the beautiful you will see vivid red, green, and white stars swirling and twinkling around the room

Different Modes: The product has three buttons, of which button a is the mode button of the night light with warm yellow light formed by covering the lid

8 Changing Colors: Blue, red, green, red blue, red-green, blue-green, RGB, RGB gradient and can also work as a night lamp

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